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van city

Here’s the shirt I made for Rob Feenie:

3 crabs T on feenie

Theres the gold medalist Matt from Kitchen Gallarie (awesome dude), silver medalist David Lee’s sous chef, bronze medalist Matt from E18teen, me in the bandana, and Rob Feenie wearing a 3 crabs T.  All the teams signed the back of Robs T thanking him for his hospitality and kindness to everyone during the weekend.

theme ingredient

This pic was taken just as I explained to Rob the significance of the crabs on his shirt… as in his Iron chef America theme ingredient  (which he won).

What a riot.

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wok and roll


gold medal plates vancouver

The past 72 hours have been the fastest in my entire life.

I was  priviledged to be a part of something that was amazing – and in all honesty – my culinary career peak so far.  Every chef and sous chef representing their city was not only intensely talented but humble and kind.  Our host of the city itself was Canadian culinary legend Rob Feenie – who invited all the teams to one of his restaurants every night, covering multiple tabs and being almost frustratingly cool.  A huge thanks to my chef friends Peter and Quang who were a great help and made us feel at home in the beautiful west coast – you guys are awesome!

It all hasn’t sunk in yet – the caliber of chefs, non-stop intense work load, and epic challenges are just the beginning of the fun mess we got into.

Pics and stories are on there way,

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happiness is a warm sauce



my favourite T.

my favourite T.

I really love vintage clothing shops.  The variety of people browsing and working there seem to   juxtapose our search for authentic originality vs. our mass media conformity.  I found this T in one of those shops,  I think it cost a dollar.

This was my first real food related shirt, circa early nineties this company went out of business before cooking became socially acceptable and “in”.  Influenced by some early iron chef japan ish theme, maybe this was the T that Joe Langhan saw while creating the food network in america in the early – mid  nineties…  If only they could have stayed afloat long enough to ride the food craze media wave.

The only reason I don’t wear this shirt is because it almost perished in a drunken candle accident that left me with some nice burns on my chest.  I’ll touch more on that in another post, i promise.

I’ll find a way to wear this part of a shirt again to glorify its vintage status, but if i can’t I think I might just frame it and use it in a fire safety seminar.

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only you can prevent under seasoning