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van city

Here’s the shirt I made for Rob Feenie:

3 crabs T on feenie

Theres the gold medalist Matt from Kitchen Gallarie (awesome dude), silver medalist David Lee’s sous chef, bronze medalist Matt from E18teen, me in the bandana, and Rob Feenie wearing a 3 crabs T.  All the teams signed the back of Robs T thanking him for his hospitality and kindness to everyone during the weekend.

theme ingredient

This pic was taken just as I explained to Rob the significance of the crabs on his shirt… as in his Iron chef America theme ingredient  (which he won).

What a riot.

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wok and roll


shuck it out

I finished service tonight and headed to the best place in Ottawa on the last monday of the month – OZ cafe.  It’s one of those places where the name represents the owner and the place represents the name – which are both awesome.  I talked to the WBOH cats who cooked for this chef appreciation night and were more than happy to allow me to photograph the treasures in the wear house, which is becoming a normal thing for me.

Not to get off topic but the food was amazing, as was the crowd and the host – thank you all.

I am becoming aware of a buzz surrounding this tiny custom printing business that (hopefully) could – and I want nothing more than to print like mad for the mad people that want me to print.  unfortunately my stock has been exhausted (as am I) from the gold medal plates in Van city – but I am as always working to build more stock.  Bebetees for all the beautifull women who cook will be on order soon so send me your sizes!  For all the beautiful men – i hate you but please buy my shit.

Brett, I’ve tried to make designs to inspire –  but you talking about your  4 month old girl is something I aspire to.  If there is something I lag on it’s only cause I want to marry my favourite Nushopolis and plan 2 weddings and I apologize to food and friends but really – she is my bebetee right now.

So ladies and gents, I’ve represented O town and now I want to represent us – all of us –  so send me an email on to hook up an amazing print or a custom print or whatever.  If I learned anything from Gold medal plates it is an intense sense of canadiana – so rock and roll.

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Wheat Kings have all their treasures barried