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Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band


It’s the beginning of January, a tepid time contrasting the heat that december brought upon us in our kitchens – a time when we can breathe a bit softer, laugh a bit hardier and focus on our craft evenly and concentrated.  But what do us as cooks look forward to changing in our lives? A new job – a new dish – a new management technique – a new way to express yourself.

I  just flew back from Saskatoon last night after driving my bro there starting in Ottawa – it was a 4 day journey that illuminated the importance of family, the intense beauty of Northern Ontario,  the prairies, and of the journey.  Saskatoon is the country in the city, full of amazingly honest and loving folks that are more concerned with you leaving their store happier than you came in than leaving with less cash in your pocket.  The habitants aside, arriving at Saskatoon even though I stayed for a few nights, was the end of my trip – the task of driving 3300 kms in an intensely smelly car (fast food helps), the random towns we stopped in – with the almost predictible oversized statues of canadiana was what made it. ( Check out husky the muskie and his 2010 winter olympic mittens)

It is the journey.

thunder bay sunrise in rearview

Lame and preachy at times – it took me 3300kms in that stinky car and a night cooking for the kind friends that put us up for a few days in order for me to realize what I want my first restaurant to look like, feel like and serve.  The hours I’ve tried to extract out of my head what I think I want, what i would brand my resto as seem almost futile to a 5 day trip across what i believe should be a compulsory part of enjoying what Canada has to offer.

The subtle changes that happen during a seemingly average journey can start to stumble down a hill that provides the support to snowball those changes into a monster revelation – one so strong that it can defy you – if you stand back and watch it grow.

When I started making bandanas and tshirts for myself, then my coworkers, then my peers, i never thought I would be providing others I didn’t know with something so close to me.  But standing back, I am excited to watch it grow, to screen until it’s sunny again and be proud of what I have to offer.

Express yourself.

Something difficult in our almost military conformity.  I want to wear a bandana that makes me a bit happier, a tshirt that makes me a bit prouder, whatever.

I started this to express myself, and thats where I’m taking mise en gear this year in 2010.

Have a good service,


Some people have everything, and other people don’t.
But everything don’t mean a thing if it ain´t the thing you want.