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There is rarely a worse feeling than a tired soul.  Just so happened Superman called me a few days ago and told me I wasn’t him.

That sucked.

I’ve been running hard for a while and i guess it caught up to me and i crashed.  The great part about that though is when you get to see the fruits of your labours begin to ripen.

I got a text this morning from a girl whos working full time at the kitchen i consult at saying “I’m in a cafe in Hull and the cooks are wearing your bandanas!” The best part is that they don’t know me or who I am.

I smiled all day because of it.

Not to mention the EPIC revamp of that bar by a not only savvy but incredibly honest new owner – who was hosting an art show for an amazing artist eppmon – which i was involved in catering.  I swung by after work at my “serious” cooking job to see how it went and was filled with joy.  Not only did the food go out amazing the new clientel was impressed.

i dont do chefs coats, but thank god I'm with some ladies that make me look better... its her venue btw ... the one on the right :)I’m sharing this not for my own mindsake but to let you – all 5 of you who read this – my soul is recharged. I needed it, and it happened.  My thanks goes to the real people, not the fake ones you pass in the hallway in highschool and say hi to just cause you know their name, the real ones that you work with in/directly that help shape who you are.

So thanks, its 1:30am, and I’m about to start screening some new bandannas.

have a good service,


I’ll take a 100 sendbacks to hear I changed someones views on food.