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Chinese new year really hit me for the first time this year.

I found myself on sommerset here in Ottawa which is our spadina – and low and behold I got myself a hold of something…. Chicken feet. I’ve eaten much stranger things in my travels – but have enjoyed them all with friends. Tonight I had the treat to eat some traditional chinese food with some friends – exactly what I wanted.

But thats never enough I guess.

As 3 am slowly rolls its lazy eyes I finished a design I wanted to share – something I guess I needed to do…

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Matters of great importance can easily be solved on a barstool




the madness, revisited.

I never imagined the chef made bandannas would ever take off.

It’s viral.

It’s the same feeling after cooking a service and flipping the restuarant 3 times.

Amazing and amazing.

First off the response – from grandmas to grandpas, uncles, aunts, mothers, cousins and all the family in between – after exposed to mise en gear, have found a relative that needs it.

Not wants – but needs.

Two years ago when I knew that I needed to wear a bandanna that I loved I never thought that someone else would too. Proven wrong with stride.

Enough back patting – what does it mean?

Firstly – the most badass cooking outfitter in Ottawa is proudly representing the mise -C. A. Paradis –  the Grandma is the entrance welcomer. 

Secondly I’ve been overtaken for the first time by in sales versus the lets go to my locker model – Branson never had luck with that with Virgin either.

Thirdly the buzz and impact the you all have made has drawn an incredible rank of people willing to help me help you – and it couldn’t be more well received.

All of life is still a maniacs run to the loonie bin, but the guidelines are getting closer on point.


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I’d rather have a beer with a fisherman.




how to make it nice

It’s been a busy time over here in chez mise en gear – my wife and I just bought a house, storefronts want to carry my bandannas, the city is eager to do a write up on us, and restaurants are in the middle of party season.



I got a call from a guy from the Ottawa newspaper looking to do a  story on mise en gear.

Holy shit.

As if my little company bringing badass bandannas to the cooks I know could hit the stands. I’m a touch overwhelmed at the moment but I’ve secured an amazing moment in time – hopefully – on friday… at 6pm… Hate me less I’m clearing 3 fully staffed kitchens to stand in a courtyard, as wholesome and filthy as we are to pose for a few pics to represent who we are wearing what I do.

It’s kitchen culture at its best – dirty, full of caffiene and nicotine – pumped and ready for service.

Don’t tell chef but if you can make it the more the merrier.


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if you don’t go home for thanksgiving call your folks! And avoid turduckin.



round the gold plates


teaser... I'm working on a trailer 🙂

The big Olympic athlete fundraising gala is underway ( … pics and a story coming soon…

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a good chef never forgets to remember