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the chefs table

To those few and diehard that are still reading this blog – that I’ve neglected like a house plant with browning leaves – I’m here.

And over the course of the past few months, realized that here is where I’m supposed to be.

I have successfully had a christian and full Hindu wedding.


I’ve gone through another Hindu wedding where I am involved.


Now what do I do being supersaturated with beautiful Indian culture… well, I make designs for bandannas.

his sister is the bride... and he looked badass!

Indian people love their paisley.

I’ve realized in these past few days that what I am doing here, making clothing for a sidewalk culture next to the media chef highway, is what I was put on this Earth to do. Normally cooking timers measure in minutes and hours, this one hit at 26 and a bit years. Sundials are always more reliable than triple A’s.

The grandiose clothing I wore at my Hindu wedding and those that I saw this past weekend got me thinking…

Why the fuck do “normal” people get to have all the fun?

Hence my new design, the OctoPaisley.

By far the most ambitious project I’ve undertook – but I feel a strong connection to it.

Being always on the forefront I can forget the prints I’ve promised but not delivered…. Bubble pics are on the way.

On the short side google ” cooks clothing ” and click on images…

Have a good service,


locality inspires one family at a time.