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inches (cms)

So Canada, the winter Olympics are over and yes we are kickass – not only im our athletes but our capacity to cater to those athletes.

I just spent the past 4 hours with an old friend of mine, a country boy from the out skirts of Windsor who I went to school with in Ottawa who has moved back here after Detroit bombed.

His name is Greg and to the naked eye he`s a truck driving simpleton but as with most cooks there is more than meets the eye. ┬áHe`s the only guy I met in school I still keep in constant contact with for a good reason : he took the stride away from the constant state of frosh that aflicts most cooks in our age group. He is also a real man, a real person – no flash just what it is to be – he grounds me back to my roots in the country, on fishing trips with our fathers, on living life – life itself – Greg deserves nothing but great things, and to him I’m thankfull for these behind the scenes pics of Canada’s best winter Olympics to date. Kudos to all the people I’ve never met that deserve our thanks.

Thank you.

m smith with a great chef i met at gold medal plates earlier this year

This is the man, our chef in Canada that really brought us to believe that it`s ok to cook and chef on t.v. here in Canada – Micheal Smith.

Trying to dislike the guy is like swimming upriver – you can try but after you tire out you are left with not only a feeling of awe of the humbleness but the inate state of electric energy that eminates from him. Not to mention he`s standing next to the 2009 gold medal plates canada gold winner from edmonton – who`s `working for him`

Sharpen to the point…

My friend Greg spent the past days in Whistler cooking for our athletes in what I understand is nothing but a warm hug with insanity. Working like breathing, cooking like walking and living like its your last day on earth.

In the mean time he was able to snap a photo I thought I should share….

greg is 6`4 and looks like a kid next to this guy.

Thats exactly what you think it is. My friend Greg, Micheal Smith and a bandana that the chef that fed this onslaught of athletes, workers, volunteers and the inbetweens signed. Not for me, not for him, not for the mind blowingly exceptional chefs that got together in a TED like alliance to fuel this madness, but for all of us. Behind the scenes, whatever we did, us.

Damn it feels good to be a gansta.

Sometimes life is good. If you`re doubting I photoshoped it heres another unique i made inverse….

unique reverse ban print signed by m. smith also stained with the beer we were drinking during this conversation

So yeah. Yeah. The Olympic hangover is almost gone but damn, even though I wasn`t there i feel like I was fortunate enough to be part of it though proxy.

On a side note I had a great phone interview with Ottawa`s most in touch fashion mag the dinner jacket ( about what I do who I am and all that misc stuff. But on the flip any of you readers out there in internetland that want your time to shine I`d love to get a picture of you in your bandana.

Smile, relax, our hockey team won the gold.

have a good service,


thats what living is the inches in front of your face….