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183 hours

In 2 weeks, i worked 183 hours – although there was no sawing off of my limbs like James Franco did in 127 hours, I’m not sure where the pity lies, the honour stands and the stupidity rests.

Although, suffering breeds character and creativity – to a certain degree of course – and after the madness that was, the madness that will be ensued.

Enter the spoons.


I had 2 hours to capture and begin to edit the next ban I wanted – and its like working with a timeline on a stick of dynamite. This is the beginning of whats going to happen, lots of props to the spoons that make the plates we create on a daily basis.   The final printed product is in a long way out, but damn, its about time  we gave respect to the spoons that enable cooks to make badass things.
Think Karate kid meets Ferran Andrea.
Then get some.
Have a good service,
patio my ass.


Chinese new year really hit me for the first time this year.

I found myself on sommerset here in Ottawa which is our spadina – and low and behold I got myself a hold of something…. Chicken feet. I’ve eaten much stranger things in my travels – but have enjoyed them all with friends. Tonight I had the treat to eat some traditional chinese food with some friends – exactly what I wanted.

But thats never enough I guess.

As 3 am slowly rolls its lazy eyes I finished a design I wanted to share – something I guess I needed to do…

Have a good service,




Matters of great importance can easily be solved on a barstool




xmas party wooo!

and Rudolph the incinerator!

I’m assuming all the cooks reading this are themselves busy as hell in the restaurants they work in, dealing with last minute christmas parties and the like.  If anyone wants a bandana before xmas hits I need the order in by the  20th, to get I done before I take off back home for a few.  There will be some bling bling new years bandanas but I’ll show those ideas later.  I just wanted to take the time to let yous alls knows, that I built a few more screens this morning – to my surprise 7:00am actually still exists – and am planning some really cool stuff for these two.  Think grill and chinatown – which reminds me I’ve got to go pick up some stuff for the restaurant…

out for now,


duck duck soup