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183 hours

In 2 weeks, i worked 183 hours – although there was no sawing off of my limbs like James Franco did in 127 hours, I’m not sure where the pity lies, the honour stands and the stupidity rests.

Although, suffering breeds character and creativity – to a certain degree of course – and after the madness that was, the madness that will be ensued.

Enter the spoons.


I had 2 hours to capture and begin to edit the next ban I wanted – and its like working with a timeline on a stick of dynamite. This is the beginning of whats going to happen, lots of props to the spoons that make the plates we create on a daily basis.   The final printed product is in a long way out, but damn, its about time  we gave respect to the spoons that enable cooks to make badass things.
Think Karate kid meets Ferran Andrea.
Then get some.
Have a good service,
patio my ass.

uphill both ways… in snow.

I’ve taken a journey the past few weeks, the restaurant I’ve been cheffing at is now at full swing and I’ve tackled a great gig with savour Ottawa .

The president of Savour Ottawa contacted me to create the most badass gift in a goodie bag the Canadian Media and Tourism conference has ever seen –  mise en gear.

Through a long chat about Savour Ottawa’s commitment to opening the eyes of our nations capital to what our local purveyors have to offer in food – I came to an idea of the kind of representation needed to show off what we have to offer.

make peace with food.

Enter the Parliament peace tower with the best footing food here has to offer.

Not to forget the other guys I put together stamps next to a revised <savour savourez Ottawa> logo –

….cheese, more animals, veg, grains, even an egg.

I was invited to the opening gala of a weeks worth of events for this conference – of which I had a small cocktail table dressed in my kitchen gear and accompanied with an old cook friend of mine.

After the cocktails kicked in – and a mention from the organizers’ opening speech about who I was –  the questions surrounding my little table that could began.

“who are you?” “what is mise en gear?” “why are you doing this?” “what are you doing, and for who?”

…  what I like to call cooking culture.

There is no other way to describe the sweaty, bloody,fiery, rawness, angry, happy, mad, beautiful, tired, sad and happy way that cooks are while they make dinners best memories.

without sacrifice....

Thats what I tried to convey at least – and the response was surprising.

They loved it.

Enough so that I feel that it was a  success – not just for what I wanted to show but for how it was perceived.

On top of it I had the guys working the food stations begging their sous chef to buy some bandannas for them ( and make them part of the uniform…) .

The lifestyle that chefs and cooks live are something different, I’m not in the place to judge anything about it due to my bias, but I do think that what it is that we do was shown to the people that might be able to show the rest of the country.

Another small victory for the bandannas that can.

Have a good service,


Satiate your heart.


whats up – whats up?

Us Canadian chefs have a different type of fun come the winter months.  We get squirrely. We try to bang on the things that are well out season in our own country – as well on the things that are.  But to be honest the Ontario winter menu mostly speaks of how much chefs yearn to be with their families – preserves, braises and stews.

This time of year for chefs is vacation time – few patrons want to go out for dinner after the Armageddon of Xmas – let alone new years -the ones that do I give my utmost respect as I garner them as the diehards.

I’m talking Bruce Willis in his 20’s – yippee kai yae kinda diehard – not the wanna bees.

I wish that us as chefs had backing as strong as this everywhere…

The point being – as deranged as it could be it refines in the art of the soup.

Soup and stew has been around in every culture around the world at every part of their dominance. Either a proper consumme for a prince or – in my corner – a braise/stew mashed up of the “leftover bits” for the peasant folk.

At the heart of cooking culture is the cooks who are living under the poverty line that eat better soup than you’ve ever had outside of 1700’s Paris.

The difference being we’re not oppressed, the similarities being we’re slaves, but we live the same goodness as badness – we eat amazing food, but barely pay the rent.

The outcome – hopefully triumphant – sits dirty on a satin throne.

The best thing’s I’ve ever eaten have been during  staff meals in a Canadian winter.  Hands down the availability of seasonal ingredients combined with the want to feel warm creates the best feel good bowls of nourishment a chef can offer a chef.

Damn it feels good to be a Canadian.

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Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss a Chinese person today and wish them happy new year!


how to make it nice

It’s been a busy time over here in chez mise en gear – my wife and I just bought a house, storefronts want to carry my bandannas, the city is eager to do a write up on us, and restaurants are in the middle of party season.



I got a call from a guy from the Ottawa newspaper looking to do a  story on mise en gear.

Holy shit.

As if my little company bringing badass bandannas to the cooks I know could hit the stands. I’m a touch overwhelmed at the moment but I’ve secured an amazing moment in time – hopefully – on friday… at 6pm… Hate me less I’m clearing 3 fully staffed kitchens to stand in a courtyard, as wholesome and filthy as we are to pose for a few pics to represent who we are wearing what I do.

It’s kitchen culture at its best – dirty, full of caffiene and nicotine – pumped and ready for service.

Don’t tell chef but if you can make it the more the merrier.


have a good service,



if you don’t go home for thanksgiving call your folks! And avoid turduckin.



Draw like a chef!

Somethings have a way of resurfacing when you move.

My wife and I are packing to move into a new house at the end of the month, and during the process a few small black notebooks fell out of a bottom drawer – my old notebooks from working in Toronto.

This little guys were filled with prep lists, recipes, and most importantly plate sketches – each sketch had all the ingredients labeled  to aid in recreating the plate that night.  Dirty and raw all of these pages told an amazing story of the most intense cooking experience of my life.

I got to thinking about how chefs sketch out plates, how its normally very fast, very undetailed and completely illegible.  I shared my thoughts with some colleagues over a few pints at the local industry bar post service about chef’s plate sketches – total agreeance.

So why not make a game?  One person gets the paper and pen/marker and they have to draw out  a plate with the ingredients the rest of the table barks out at them – all while doing their favourite chef impersonation of course.

I found that no matter what skill of artist or cook the pictures were all the same, I also found a guy that could do a flawless Martin Yan – and cried laughing so hard.

The final product?

Its one of the more intricate prints that I’ve done but I’m really happy with it.

The juxtaposition of the half faded, stained kitchen sketched with the crisp logo/chefs’ sketch looks amazing when it’s folded up.

I’m going to wear this one for a while and think on it – a step in a good direction for sure.

I’ll have them up on Etsy soon!

Have a good service,


pittsburgians don’t all like their steaks burnt.


Happy anniversary!

September 9th of 2009 was the first official mise en gear blog post – how fast a year has gone!

It’s really awesome to get feedback about the blog and see all the people who have checked it out over the past 12 months.

This next year is going to be a lot of fun – I’ve got a bunch of projects in the works for it all ready – doing some different printing jobs and mailing my bandannas all over the country is just the beginning!

To commemorate this I’ve put together a page on so I can get my bandannas to people without having to lug them around with me all the time.

Have a good service,


make it nice


the chefs table

To those few and diehard that are still reading this blog – that I’ve neglected like a house plant with browning leaves – I’m here.

And over the course of the past few months, realized that here is where I’m supposed to be.

I have successfully had a christian and full Hindu wedding.


I’ve gone through another Hindu wedding where I am involved.


Now what do I do being supersaturated with beautiful Indian culture… well, I make designs for bandannas.

his sister is the bride... and he looked badass!

Indian people love their paisley.

I’ve realized in these past few days that what I am doing here, making clothing for a sidewalk culture next to the media chef highway, is what I was put on this Earth to do. Normally cooking timers measure in minutes and hours, this one hit at 26 and a bit years. Sundials are always more reliable than triple A’s.

The grandiose clothing I wore at my Hindu wedding and those that I saw this past weekend got me thinking…

Why the fuck do “normal” people get to have all the fun?

Hence my new design, the OctoPaisley.

By far the most ambitious project I’ve undertook – but I feel a strong connection to it.

Being always on the forefront I can forget the prints I’ve promised but not delivered…. Bubble pics are on the way.

On the short side google ” cooks clothing ” and click on images…

Have a good service,


locality inspires one family at a time.