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If the madness of december has a sane side – its the family or friends we spend christmas with – even though they are, in all normallity, insane themselves.

a few candycane bandannas…

My wife and I spent a beautiful time at both of our parents homes this year – mostly in the kitchen – where all the warming memories of the holidays tend to subside.  I noticed during a 8 hour session of baking, preping, basting and creating new things to do from scratch that the dinner we were spending all day to make wasn’t nearly as fantastic as the day we spent together. My wife making my Baba’s perogies with my mother for the first time, cooking lamb racks with my father in law in the garage on charcoal while drinking single malt, the good things in life.

It’s a bit soft but I really enjoyed cooking all day with both sets of my parents, even after cooking 7 days a week for a month.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays and happy new year!

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julia and jacques cooking at home  – wins every time


aint no school like

churner the beurre

After several gorging of my parents’ delicious festive fare – in between full glasses of wine of course – I came across some food equipment that created a new category to add  into the list of kitchen tools : relic.  There’s no other word to describe the importance, usefulness or standard of some of the things my grandparents used in their kitchen that now reside in my parents home.  Looking some of these things over I was filled with an overwhelming appreciation for the simple machines that gave way to the creation of their electric counterparts and allowed the cookers of the world more free time to do other things, like cook more.

Gearing up for the new years’ at the restaurant I’m faced with an old school question : poaching eggs during dinner service for 140+ … how?  An imersion circulator would be the easiest logical choice, set it around 64’c and relax for an hour, grab a coffee – ice bath, reheat and crack – easy right? Well what if – and most of us don’t – have an immersion circulator?

more than one way to skin a deer

As in most things in life I rely on Jacques Pepin and his wiley antics that keep my brain on point with some very old school techniques that still have modern day applications (watch him make an omelete with Julia Childs – it stupid how good that man is) .  So a pot of water in motion some salt and vinegar and a bunch of flats of eggs – probably to order maybe a few ahead, but it’s going to be fun either way.  Sometimes bringing it back and proving to yourself you can do it old school provides more confidence to try doing it different, using new equipment and chemicals to improve on your classic technique.

This past year has been filled with all the classic technique I could muster,  but I really want to go play with some ideas in food as well as for the gear.

Happy new year everybody!

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don’t touch me cause I’m electric and if you touch me you’ll get burnt.

one link at a time


prelim designs

garland burner grateThe gas burner grate is a strong symbol for me. It relates the importance of fire, the burns made by it, the time spent with it, dishes created on top of it, as well as my training as a cook was right in bloody front of one of these things.

I chose to silhouette all these designs because I respect and enjoy the simplicity and strength that black on white can achieve.



cleavers and chinese chopping block

cleavers and chinese chopping block