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I’ve been hounding my local photgraphers for some of the pics from the gold medal plates, and have only come up with a few.  Until that few changes to many I will wait to post the madness from that day.

Lets just say I had ALOT of fun, thanks to the team.

screen no. 3

i new those wieghts were for something...

SO, where am I in this big custom screening universe?  Well I’m getting together an actual site right now, calmly showering I.T. guys with plesent hurry-the-f**k-up spam, and have a bunch of badass premium 22′ bandannas in the mail via New York.   The colors enroute are (all solid): black, red, white, olive, dark grey, lite grey, and Ivory.  Should be in my hands in the next week or so – and in anticipation i threw together a new screen.

My only prob now is I still don’t have something to screen onto!

Enter my favourite photographer/model/fiance.

N asked politely if I could screen the   “service shuffle” onto one of her babytees – after mentioning the black glittler paint I had, she burst into action with the camera and went to work taking pics of the process.

shuffle printing 3

the many uses of sour cream, like paint mixing..

shuffle printing

the set up

I love that she got to take the in betweens my hands are usually to busy to capture.

shuffle printing 2

sparkle time

shuffle printing 4

be easy, cooks aren't hand models

Mix the paint, figure out where I want the screen to print onto, apply the paint and the squegee it on – and yes thats a plastic pastry scraper (ftw).

The final product after applying the logo and some iron chef style ironing came out like this:

nush 1

the service shuffle on a bebetee.

The service shuffle is hard enough for any cook, but applying that kind of dual tension near the beginning and end on this bebetee  – for me at least –  makes it well worth it.

Thanks again N.

And for the gold medal plates enthusiasts… heres a teaser from an amazing photgrapher I met at Octoberfest….

My good friend T.K. is in that pic with me, who just moved to turks and caicos, (hope you love it man!)

out for now,


Halloween is for adults – but we ask for shooters.