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New order!

Needless to say a long hiatus from this blog about the life of mise en gear was needed to get together a whole bunch of new and exciting things! So here we go… mise en gear bandannas will now be available for purchase at


2 pages of a hundred!

It’s been a long haul to imagine what this site should look and feel like – alot of preliminary work started around this time last year – and more concrete ideas were finalized in January.  Bit by bit the site took shape with lots more pictures being taken and and still are to help shine up and polish the site further.  Big steps forward we made were getting a good chunk of my stock bandannas printed off site -aka not in my basement  – but in a pro shop using my exact designs and specs. So turnaround and general stock is going to be able to stay high and consistant and I get to sleep a little bit! I’m still dealing with a huge screen disaster – over 20 screens were demoed this Febuary due to a natural disaster in my house – again why off site is saving production/sleep!

I’m really excited to watch Top Chef Canada Season 2 this year! I am a competitor on the amazing show and so far – I’ve been rocking mise en gear every episode! An incredible experience all around and really awesome for me to see some of the competitors I was with really embrace the whole idea of what mise en gear is.  The response was a real kick start for me to solidify the website and be able to sell these bandannas to anyone who wants one.

susur notes/ draw like a chef

Whew, so where does this blog lie in all of this? Well, I’m commited to updating this guy from here on in with fun side projects and custom jobs as I go.  The website will start linking into the blog more and more – and slowly these custom jobs and other bandannas I’m printing will start to become available on the website.


The long haul is over, now its just pushing it all uphill.



Have a good service,


on the fly or I forgot?