how to make it nice

It’s been a busy time over here in chez mise en gear – my wife and I just bought a house, storefronts want to carry my bandannas, the city is eager to do a write up on us, and restaurants are in the middle of party season.



I got a call from a guy from the Ottawa newspaper looking to do a  story on mise en gear.

Holy shit.

As if my little company bringing badass bandannas to the cooks I know could hit the stands. I’m a touch overwhelmed at the moment but I’ve secured an amazing moment in time – hopefully – on friday… at 6pm… Hate me less I’m clearing 3 fully staffed kitchens to stand in a courtyard, as wholesome and filthy as we are to pose for a few pics to represent who we are wearing what I do.

It’s kitchen culture at its best – dirty, full of caffiene and nicotine – pumped and ready for service.

Don’t tell chef but if you can make it the more the merrier.


have a good service,



if you don’t go home for thanksgiving call your folks! And avoid turduckin.



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